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Monday, November 14, 2011

Next Five Days At Campus (Last Week)

So sorry for this post that late than the usual time. I was not feeling well on last weekend. My mind is full of assignments, appointments, and many other things I have to done before this year end. Now, let me report the courses from last week meetings.

Based on the syllabus, my class was going to learn about Paradigm and Syntagm . But I didn’t get that material in the class. Or it is just me who not pay attention much? :o

What I have learned is about structure. Structure is outside us which shape the way we behave. Structure can be form as institutions or family. And then my lecturer talked about how newspaper structured. Semiotics knowledge can be use to explain newspaper layout and we can know the reason why the news structured this or this.

And based on the syllabus, my class has to do article review and submit it as midterm test. The assignment was not clear enough then my friend asked about it. Then the assignment is more difficult than before.

The assignment is changed from article review to journal review. My class has to search the journal on the UPI’s online library. One journal is for one student. Beside a journal that has to be reviewed, we have to read, at least, five journals as references. For references, we can use the same journal.

The structure of review has to contain introduction, what is it about, the strength, the weakness, your own perfectives, the conclusion and references. The review is around 2000-3000 words. The due date is November 25. For the late submission, you have to contract the same course next year!

I choose Iconic Architecture and the Culture-ideology of Consumerism by Leslie Sklairfor which published SAGE this assignment. Pray for me guys :D

For last week, my lecturer explained about Performative Language. It is a language that performs an act, creates realities; it is not a statement of true or false or something that describe something. Examples: I declare, I promise, I order, I name . .

The contrary is causative language. It is language that describes a state of affairs and makes a statement. It can be true or false. Example: She came early . .

Literary language is kind of performative language because people doesn’t have to care if it true or false, they just have to enjoy and felicitous about it. It creates reality through characters, plot, and action they perform. It also creates ideas, concept which is deployed. The performative language of literature makes it possible to separate intention and meanings.

Derrida has different thought about performative language that explained by Austin. Austin state that performative divided into two kinds. First is serious performatives which accomplish something such as marrying and promises. Second is non-serious performatives, utterances that do not perform anything such as a joke. But Derrida state that Austin only analyzed ‘serious utterances’ perform in ordinary circumstances.

My questions (that not answer yet because I was not asked): my lecturer explained that performatives is based on establish discourse practices that happen for long time ago. When a man is marrying a woman, he has to answer ‘I do’ not ‘okay’ or ‘I agree’. So we can not state a new performative language and it will not develop, eh? :o

My lecturer and class discussed about genre and intertextuality. Genre itself is a grouping of texts which are similar in structure or subject matter. My lecturer questions are how does the grouping take place? How can the similarity in structure and subject matter be determined?

My question: Does genre extinct?
My lecturer’s answer: It is possible but a genre cannot disappear without any tracks. Those tracks built a new genre.

My real lecturer cannot come to class until the early of December. She gave us three assignments to complete. A supervisor came to class to review it and help us if there are any difficulities. The supervisor explained to the class how to differentiate findings and analysis. Findings are something we find from our observation then Analysis is our conclusion that can be made after connected our findings.

WEDNESDAY!! My class went to Sukabumi to attend our classmate, Hasah Hasanah, wedding ceremony. Congratulations :’)

And my class took this opportunity to went to Taman Bunga Nusantara at Cipanas. Fun fun fun :)

The next group which is Group 7 explained the second part about Pragmatics and Indirectness. I will post the slide as soon as I got it :D

Surprise, my lecturer remains the class to prepare a journal as midterm test and submit it in week#12 which is November 24, the day before Semiotics’s. I shocked enough :O

For this assignment, I think about observe indirectness but I have not decided the topic yet. Pray for me again guys :D

It was midterm test! The test contained four questions.
1. Explain the kind of interpreting, included mode, the audience, and the way it delivered.
2. What skills that have to be mastered by conference interpreter?
3. What booth behavior that interpreter does to support his performance?
4. A company asked you as interpreter to help them. Based of code of ethics, what will you do?

It was casting time! I, @putdar, @lianisya, @harukazebanri and @arizalrukmana as a part of creative team auditioned bunch of our friend from 2 pm till Magrib. It was so exhausted yet fun!

taken by @putdar
And here is more assignment! We have to submit a report about art performance on December 15 with this format.

That my last week was. How about yours? :D

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