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Monday, November 21, 2011

(It Must Be) Six Days at Campus

Okay, it happened again. I was late to post this feature because of same reason, too tired. Though in this week so many subjects absence, I even more tired than before.

My lecturer talked about Denotation and Connotation which already discussed in Cultural Studies course. Nothing is new about it. But I wrote some notes.

Semiotics reading: different levels of signification: primary (denotative) signification and secondary (connotative) signification.

Due day for the article review is THIS THUSDAY, NOVEMBER 25!

Group 7’s presentation about Bekam! I did not follow much because of my not-really-good health and the subject had a lot of science terms which I do not understand.

No presentation for this week meeting. But my class, another class and the student of post graduate program gathered and listen to our lecturer’s explanation about, sort of, politeness of language. He presented it in Bahasa Indonesia.

THANK GOD! The due day for pragmatics’ journal is changed to DECEMBER 1!

My lecturer brought an Australian named Scott to the class. He is young, attractive, and even can speak Bahasa Indonesia very well. One by one, but not the whole class, had a chance to interpret his speech. Most of my friends got confuse with his Australian accent. But it was interesting and fun. Nice to meet you, Scott :)

TASK! My class interpretation of Scott was being recorded and we have to transcript it!

What we did in this class was just shared our progress about the three projects that we carried. I have not done any because of I forgot that I have meeting of this class. But one of my classmate and the only boy in the class shared his findings about children books in Gramedia bookstore. It was quite impressive.
Oh, and our supervisor gave us a book to read.

Actually I had to come at Saturday to campus to attend ABS subject. But I was not feeling good enough. I thought about bed rest for that day and recovered my health to face the rest of hectic days in November.

How about yours? :)

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