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Friday, November 25, 2011

Next Just Four Days at Campus

Due date for article review assignment is TODAY! Submit it to our lecturer cubicle at 1 pm!

Surprised, my lecturer came and told us that we had a test. We could open our book but just text book, no notes. Here are the questions.
On your own words, explain these things:
1. Foucault’s theory on sex
2. Derrida’s theory on writing
3. Performative language. What its implication on literature? How it relates to constative language?

Thank God, we just had to have to answer two questions of them. But it was still difficult :(

Next day, the lecturer played a music video from titled Natural Woman. It related to our new discussion about identity.

Mid term test time! Here are the questions.

On your own words, explain these terms:
1. Sign – Signifier – Signified – Signification
2. Content – Codes – Format- Address
3. Metalingual function – Referential function – Formal function
4. Conative function – Expressive function – Phatic function
5. Different – Value
6. A commutation test
7. Paradign – Syntagm
8. Metaphor – Metonymy
9. Connotative – Dennotative
10. Text – Intertextuality - Genre

The questions were so simple but it took times to answer it. I thought I have answer many terms but actually I just finished questions number one. God, I even didn’t finishes answer all of the questions :’(

As same as several weeks before, our supervisor lecturer asked our progress about three projects that we are working on. I and my partner, Anya did it in wrong way. If I compare my group’s work with others, my work is not completed yet. I think we have to start over.

My question: Do we have to write a synopsis in a children activity books?
My lecturer’s answer: No, it is no need. But what you have to write is the description about the book and what activity that it is about.

Two presentations from two different groups! I will share the slide as soon as I get it. DUE DATE for research journal is NEXT WEEK! You’re better going to working on it :)

That was my days. What about you? ;)

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  1. di kampus kakak juga belajar ini tapi dalam bahasa Indonesia, maaf bahasa inggris kakak agak belepotan jadi skip deh langsung komen aja begitu liat semiotic, pragmatic, dan teman-temannya


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