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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kaleidoscope 2011: Campus Life

I have reviewed my MOVIES and BOOKS in 2011 two days ago and this is the time to move to another part, CAMPUS LIFE!

As you know, I always post the result or notes from my lectures in every Friday. Now I'm gonna make a summary of it.


I do not really remember because I did not start to post every notes of the subject yet. All I can share is the card report of it.

Kinda not really comfortable to show this ;p


Subject: Literary Theories
Credits: 4
Lecturer: Drs. Eki Qushay Akhwan, M.A.
Syllabus: download here

Culler, Jonathan. 1997. Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction. New York: Oxford University Press
Assignments: Summaries of the chapters we discuss in class
Mid Test: Written test
Final Test: Written test in January 2012

Subject: Semiotics
Credits: 2
Dr. Didi Sukyadi, M.A.
Budi Hermawan, S.Pd., M.P.C.
Syllabus: download here

Chandler, Daniel. 2002. Semiotics: The Basics. London: Routledge.
Jakobson, Roman. 1975. Quest to the essence of language: Selected Writings II: Word and Language. 345-359.
Lakoff, George dan Mark Johnson. 1980. Metaphors We Live By. Chicago: Chicago University Press.
Sukyadi, Didi. 2010. Teori dan Analisis Semiotika. Bandung: Rizki Press.
Assignments: -
Mid Test: An article review

Final Test: A mini research

and a possibility of written test in January 2012.

Subject: Children's and Adolescent Literature
Credits: 2
Dr. Safrina Soemadipradja Noorman, M.A.
Nia Nafisah, S.S., M. Pd. (supervisor)
Syllabus: -
Hunt, Peter. 1994. An Introduction to Children Literature. New York: Oxford University Press
Egoff, Sheila 1996. Only Connect: Readings in Children's Literature. OUP, London
Assignments: Three projects about Children's and Adolescent Literature
1. A portfolio about children's and adolescent literature books in bookstores
2. A research about literature texts in high school's books
3. An essay
DUE DATE for those is JAN 3, 2012
Mid Test: -
Final Test: -

Subject: Literature and Cultural Studies
Credits: 2
Lecturer: Drs. Eki Qushay Akhwan, M.A.
Syllabus: download here
Thwaites, Anthony. 1994. Tools for Cultural Studies: An Introduction. Melbourne: Macmillan Educations Australia PTY LTD
Culler, Jonathan. 1997. Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction. New York: Oxford University Press
Bertens, Hans. 2001. Literary Theory: The Basics. New York: Routledge
Assignments: -
Mid Test: Written test
Final Test: Written test in January 2012

Subject: Conference Interpreting
Credits: 2
Lecturer: Susi Septaviana R.
Syllabus: download here

Bouladon-Taylor. V. (2001). Conference Interpreting. National Library of Australia.
Pƶchhacker, F. (2004). Introducing Interpreting Studies. Routledge. London.
Septaviana, S. (2010). Conference Interpreting Module. Supplementary of Textbook. Indonesia University of Education. (
Assignments: Interpret audios from English to Indonesia and vice versa everyweek
Mid Test: Written test
Final Test: Interpret an audio which already learn in the class.

Subject: Seminar Pendidikan Agama Islam
Credits: 2
Lecturer: Endis Firdaus
Syllabus: -
Book(s): -
Assignments: Presentation about Hindu with @ArizalRukmana and Lusiana Nur Annisa

Mid Test: Make an eleven questions based on the presentations.
Final Test: Make a case of study based on the presentations. DUE DATE 31 DEC 2011 @ 23:59 WIB

Subject: Pragmatics
Credits: 2
Prof. Dr. E. Aminudin Aziz, M.A.
R. Dian Dia-an Muniroh
Syllabus: download here

Allan, K. 1986. Linguistic meaning. 2 vols. London: Routledge Kegan Paul.
Blakemore, D. 1992. Understanding utterances. London: Blakewell.
Clark, H.H. 1996. Using language. Cambridge: CUP.
Kasher, A (ed.). 1998. Pragmatics: critical concepts. 6 vols. London: Routledge.
Leech, G. 1983. Principles of pragmatics. London: Longman
Levinson, S.D. 1983. Pragmatics. Cambridge: CUP.
Mey, J. 2001. Pragmatics: an introduction. 2nd edn. London: Blakewell.
Thomas, Jenny. 1995. Meaning in Interaction. London: Routledge
Verschueren, J. 1999. Understanding pragmatics. London: Arnold.
Assignments: Presentation about Pragmatics and Indirectness with @rimamari @mayangrengganis @anyapritafania and @justpoet. Download the slide here.

Mid Test: An individual mini research about pragmatics.

me and @yiyiyeey
Final Test: Written test on January 2012

Subject: Apresiasi Bahasa dan Seni
Credits: 3
Lecturer: Riesky, S.Pd., M.Ed.
Syllabus: download here
Book(s): -
Assignments: Presentation about Film with @rimamari @deeprasetya @caramigea and @AmeeMuhammad. Download the slide here.

Mid Test: A report about art performance.

Final Test: A show! Read about it here.

What a tough semester. So thankful I have passed it and hope for the bright and better in the next semester. Here the list of subject for next semester, semester 6.

Functional Grammar 
Critical Analysis of Poetry
Comparative Literature
Literary Criticism
Translating Literary Works
Program Pelatihan Akademik
Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)

Keep spirit. Keep positive thinking. For the bright future :D
How about yours? :)

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