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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 5 Korean Musicians - I Don’t Shy To Admit- I Like It So Much

Boy/Girl band, dramas and other Korean fever is happening in my country, Indonesia. Although I am not a huge fan of it, I have to admit that I like several of them. For now on I will share my favorite musicians from Korea. Here is my list

SNSD. I have known this big number girl band for long time ago. But I had not heard their song yet. The first time of it was when Dance Competition at ESCW and one of finalist used SNSD’s song. Everybody was singing along and it made me curious. Next moment, I searched the song on YouTube and I found the title, it was “Oh!”. Now, I like them so much especially Sooyoung. Their newest song, The Boys, was echoing in my head for days.

2 PM. My friend, @ismifaw, is the biggest fan of them or it called ‘hottest’. Last 2 semester, I was listening to 2 PM’s songs almost everyday because I was on @ismifaw’s car and she didn’t stop replay the songs. One song was stuck in my head and I really wanted to know the title. Funny thing, my friend also didn’t know the title. Then I searched it on YouTube and I found the title, it was “Space”. Now, I always eager to listen to their new single, the latest was “Hands Up”. But it is hard for me to remember their name and face. They almost look same in their make up. The only one that I remember is Nichkhun.

Taeyang. Taeyang is a member of Big Bang, a top boy band in Korea. But the group was break and every member was doing their solo career. Taeyang did it perfectly in MAMA 2010 which I watched with @ismifaw, @selveh and @rimamari. He sang “Break Down” and “I Need A Girl”. I was fall in love at the first heard. But for this, I do not really follow the news of his. What I heard that Big Bang made a come back and their super busy of it.

2NE1. I knew them and heard a lot of news of them. But it didn’t make me try to hear their songs. The first time was when I was watching MAMA 2010. They were amazing! They break the rule of girl band which girlie and cute, become strong and loud. My favorite of their song are “Clap Your Hands”, “Follow Me”, “Lonely” and also “Lollipop” which collaborated with Big Bang.

CN Blue. Again and again, it was @ismifaw who made me listen to Korean music. She gave me a video clip of “LOVE Girl”. I like the concept of video, the song and also the band! Moreover I have finished watch Heartstring, a Korean drama where the vocalist and drummer of CN Blue play on it. Love love them, especially the vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa.

Okay, I know that the Korean fever in my country is exaggerated. But it does not mean that Korean music is not good. You do not judge it bad before you heard it. And the important thing, you have to admit when you accidently fall in love with it :p


  1. coba' 2ne1-it hurts deh.. in that song, they voice are amazing..


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