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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Campus, Campus and Campus :)

Althought I have wrote a kaleidoscope about Campus Life last year, my Campus Life for semester 5 was not really over yet. I still had to do final exams, consulting what courses that I am gonna contract next semester and done many other things, like these things below :)

Final Exams Week

Sure you know that I have three days of final exams. But it was actually just two days.

Conference Interpreting: we have to interpret an audio which already learn in the class. The audio is about Norwegian's parent who consulting her daughter's double degree.

Pragmatics: I was late and got bad mood all day long! It was a written test and I just have to answer three questions from five questions.

Children's and Adolescent Literature: Our works is DONE! Alhamdulillah :)

What about other courses?

My Semiotics' lecturer decided not to do the exam. While, my Literary Theories lecturer who also my Literature and Cultural Studies' lecturer gave us a 'take home' test, which I have told you here.

Public Lecturer

I attended a public lecturer about Pragmatics from Prof. Dr. E. Aminudin Aziz, M.A.. It was awesome even though linguistics is not my passion. Thanks for the sharing, Sir :)

ESA Awards

It is the last event from ESA. I quite enjoy the show, even though I do not really like the way they labeling their friends. The categories are too . . too rude? I do not know, I think it is just me :(

MuBes Blow Up!

The very first leader is chosen! Congrats to Afief (the one who is wearing a crown :p)

why it isnt moving????

ps. Actually I want to write a detail and long post, but I have to go to campus (again). Wish me luck, guys :)


  1. You seem to enjoy writing in English. That's good!

  2. Actually, I write in both Indonesia and English and still learning by doing it. Thanks, sir :)


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