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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Things Tuesday+

1. Just finished my two ‘take home’ final exams. What a tough week!

Those are my critical essay about Bless Me, Ultima (which I have finished read last Sunday) and a cultural study’s research about Nokia N9 advertisement (I did not have any interesting advertisement to analyze but this. You know what I mean hehehehehehe). These two final exams haunted me for days, made me sick and tired for being in front of my laptop. I drank a glass of mocacinno and accidently listened to a good song that I never play. It is Westlife’s song, She’s Back.

So tell me why the hell I hear music, Every time she calls I hear music, Is it just the way she loves to confuse me . . .

After all of my *blood* and sweat, the exams is finally done. I asked my mother to check my grammar, but she was too busy :( But nothing’s worry. I believe my own work. The important thing is the semester is over. Then I am ready to face my holiday, yayyyyy :D

Wait, I have not post about my campus life last week yet. So sorry guys, I have been so busy. But I will write the full post about sooooooooooon ;)

2. Currently reading a local fantasy novel entitled Dunsa by Vinca Callista.

I brought this last week but I just have a chance to started reading it now. The story is good and brave! Because of fantasy is a rare genre in Indonesia literature. Dunsa is kind of combination of Harry Potter and Narnia. Interesting enough, uh? I cannot wait to finish it and write a review about it? Why? Because of there is a review competition of Dunsa. Just write a review about Dunsa on your blog, tumblr, facebook’s note or anywhere. Then tweet your link post plus mention @VincaCallista @Atrianic, with hastag #Dunsa. Read the more info here. I planned to join the competition. Wish me luck and good luck for you too :)

3. The first chapter of Para Pembohong Yang Cantik is published! Just click here, guys :)

Actually it is the second chapter of the book. The very first chapter is published already last year. For now, just enjoy my amateur translation while I translate the next chapter :)

By the way, is it illegal to translate someone’s novel and published it online for free? I am kinda scare and uneasy lately. Moreover I found the official translated novel of it. It called Para Pendusta Cantik. Honestly, I did not mean to steal, plagiarism or do *criminal*. I just want to practice my skill on translating. I choose Pretty Little Liar because I am madly deeply crazy about the series and did not found the translated novel of it (I found it now). Please tell me that I am not guilty :’(

Ps. Wondering why the post is full of words than before? Read here and here :)

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