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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chuck Me #1

Chuck is an action-comedy-spy tv series from US. The tv series is about Chuck Bartowski who receive an email from his old buddy who actually CIA member, Bryce Larkin. The email is contain with a bunch from government's secret and accidentally downloaded into his brain. CIA and NASA send their top agent, Sarah Walker and John Casey, to protect and exploit knowledge of Chuck's brain. It makes Chuck's life is very be normal anymore.

I know it is not a new tv series (everybody normally talk about New Girl) and now it is on fifth season which is final season. But I still looooooooooooove this tv series! I have finished the first and second season and go on to the third season. I loooove their fresh jokes and tense action. Let me share my favorite scenes, start with episode 1: pilot.

The way she flirts is sweet and smooth. I like it hehehehehe :)

I'll be back with the rest :)

ps. do you remember the pictures? :p


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