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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Come and Save Me

I am currently listening to Robin Thicke's Love After War Deluxe Version and I do fall in love to several songs he sings. Although, the way he sings it make me think about something *bad*, those songs are company me when I was doing my lots and lots homework. Here is my list :)

"Lay, lay, across my pillow, As you make love to my ego, And you always treat me like a super star"

"Tell me who you with, Tell me where you work, Tell me did you go out, And start talking to some girl"

"Its good to be back, back in your arms, here with my baby, ridin' right along."

"Crazy in the mornin', afraid of the night, Stories always changin', Somethin ain't right"

"So don't you, Don't you say maybe, Baby I'm crazy, Crazy for wanting, Wanting you badly, Madly I'm serious, And you're so curious, But I'm too dangerous"

Those songs locked up in my head for almost a month hehehehe. Sadly I do not found any website that posted the complete lyrics. So I still sing whatever I hear, I do not care if it is wrong or right :p

Happy Sunday everyone :D

ps. and happy our day, mon cher :)

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