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Monday, January 9, 2012

They Actually Read Literature! #2

Like I have wrote here, some musician read literary works and made some 'intertextual' to their songs. Now I found that the intertextuality is not only in songs, but also in movies. But it is not 'movie which based on novel' thing. Let share my findings and you will understand :D

1. Easy A

This movie is completely the new and modern version of Scarlet Letter. But it is not a based-on-novel movie, it is more like critic and comment to that literary works. The main character, Olive who played by Emma Stone, even shows the classic movie of it.

2. Cyrano Agency

This movie is not a based-on-novel movie or a critic/comment to the literary works. It is more like a inspired-on-the-play movie. The movie uses the play's name and even explain it the plot.

3. From Prada to Nada

Aaaahh, this is a semi-based-on-novel movie. It is a new and modern version of Sense and Sensibility's Jane Austen. But one of the character, Mary read a literature which is not Jane Austen's and I do not remember the title is :p

Hmm, what an interesting finding. What literature which inspired your life, guys? :)

ps. no written test for Semiotics. Yayyy :p

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