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Friday, January 27, 2012

Every Moment of Campus Life

Last Weekend

I was demission from Legislative Broad of English Students’ Associations. Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of you guys. It was such a great moment. I hope the next people who taking my seat would do better in everything. Aaaammmiinn :)

This Friday

I am participating in BFUB XIV by sent my short story. My story entitled Cerita Dari Dalam Angkot. I am not hoping to win this competition, but I am absolutely happy that I finally write again and have guts to join this competition. Alhamdulillah :)

(Still) This Friday

Just knew my scores from four courses in the last semester. Real bad. I will share it when I am ready :’(

(And) This Friday *hehehehe :p

This is my new schedule for 6th semester. Yayyy! Let’s forget all of ‘bad scores’ thing and get ready to face a new semester which starts at February 1. Wish me luck guys :D

Ps. Still on holiday, guys? :)


  1. Where's the story?
    Could you share it? Would love to read it.


  2. Um, I would share the story when BFUB XIV announce the winner, Feb 5. Wish me luck, Sir :D


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