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Friday, May 25, 2012

Four Things Friday

8 am

I was watching an Angklung Music Competition with my best friend, Intan. It was nice to see how excited the contestants are. They are wearing a cute costume and silly make up. It also reminded me when I was like them nine years ago. The group from my former junior high school placed on second. Congrats :D

11 am

Before I knew that the group from my former school was the second winner, I had to go to Comperative Literature class first. It was a make up class. The actual class which on Wednesday canceled because the equipment was broken. The class started with a presentation from my group. My group presented our understanding about the character on 'The Story of Pinocchio" and "The Adventure of Pinocchio" and how it relates to Pop Culture. The rest presentations from other groups were fun and hilarious ;D

I was bored ;p

This was our last meeting in the sixth semester. I have to finish several assignments before facing final exam next month. It sounds hectic and full of pains hahahaha. But I know I can do it. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah :)

5 pm

My boyfriend was very kind to drive me home although he was busy. I was out of money and asked his help. Instead of lending me some money, he decided to give me a ride and had pempek which is our currently favorite meal as late lunch. Merci mon cher :)

6 pm

@rimamari made me watching the season finale of Glee season 3 as soon as I home. Klaine, my favorite couple, has not a big story in this last episode but it was very sad. I cried to Rachel and Finn scene in a train station. It happened to me before! :'( 

After a loooong day, I think I like to have a nice and tight sleep. Sounds good, uh? Good night everybody ;)

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