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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Literature Bazaar

Entrepreneurship was one of course that I took in the sixth semester. The lecturer gave the class a lot of assignments. Remember when I had to go to BSM to survey or be a volunteer at Reading Lights? Those were nothing compared to this final assignment. Bazaar!

@anyapritafania, @justpoet, @ppermatasari, @rimamari @yiyiyeey and I were in the same group and we named our stand Kedai Sunshine. We were selling spaghettis, cup corns, es mie telor and secondhand magazines.

Me, @rimamari, @yiyiyeey, @anyapritafania and @justpoet

The bazaar held in two days. It was really really make my friends and me exhausted. But alhamdulillah, everything was going well. Everything sold out except the secondhand magazines. It was fun though. Especially endahNrhesa performed on the first day beside our bazaar. It helps us to sell yet it wasn’t the part of our event :p

Now it is the time to do the report :D

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