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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Premium Rush

Premium Rush
Gavin Polone
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Chung, Dania Ramirez, Nick Damici, and Michael Shannon

Premium Rush is a story about Wilee, a bike courier in New York. He doesn’t like wearing suit in work, but he loves to ride so he chooses this job. He got a girlfriend there, Vanessa. But they are in a break because Vanessa disagrees about Wilee’s decision to ride without brake and gears. Then Manny, their co-worker, comes and tried to be closer to Vanessa. It’s pissing Wilee off.

One day, Nima, Wilee’s friend from his former university who also Vanessa’s roommate called Security Courier. She wants to deliver an envelope to China Town before 7 pm. She really wants it delivers safety and quick. Wilee is in charge to deliver it and he takes it as easy as another package. Actually he is completely wrong about it.  Two policemen chase him and it almost kills him. What is so important in that envelope?

Premium Rush was awesome with all of ride around New York City thing. Risky but fun for some adrenaline junkie. It made me couldn’t breath, speak, or even to wink. I drank a lot of water because I felt tired and sweat somehow. It feels like our lives is also risk there :p Those entire awesomeness thing supported by the visualization about how Wilee and other couriers ride around the city, how they get the right direction and the risky technique. I surprised that they still use apps like Google maps to get the direction. I thought they were experienced enough to know a short cut in the city. But that is New York not Bandung. I think there a lot differences between two cities that make a short cut don’t exist or not good choice :o

Now let’s talk about the story. It shows three point of views from Wilee, Nima and policeman that can guide us to the envelope. The story was fun until I know what on the envelope is and for who. I was thinking, why Nima not deliver it by herself? If the work is the excuse, she can skip the day then take care her matter. The conflict was disappointed for me :( Thank God, the cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt save the movie hehehehe

At last, Premium Rush is an entertain movie without the lack of the story. Maybe the story is not the main focus here. But Gordon-Levitt is hahahaha. You have to watch it until the credit title end. Because he is waiting for you and saying something more J

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