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Friday, September 7, 2012

The First Four Days in Seventh Semester

Seventh semester is on! This is my last semester studying in the class. The next semester I will be, hm, internship in some company and start writing my final paper. So I have to do my best from now on J One of my efforts is post my notes from campus in this blog, like what I did in the last two semesters. I hope it will help my memory and also hope you will not get confused hehehehe

Because of the semester is just started, most of lectures just explained the syllabus and didn’t go into the material yet. Here they are J

In this course, I will study about how to conduct a research, sort of :p

Class participation and discussion                      20%
Critical review 1                                                20%
Critical review 2                                                20%
Critical review 3                                                20%
Critical review 4                                                20%

B, Adrian. 2009. World and Time: Teaching Literature in Context
B, A & R, N. 2009. An Introduction to Literature Criticism and Theory
Dobie, Ann B. 2009. Theory into Practice: An Introduction to Literary Criticism
Eliot, S & Owens, W.R. 1998. A Handbook to Literary Research
Nealon, J. 2003. The Theory Toolbox: Critical Concept for the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

- Bring your own laptop
- Try to read “We Heart Vampires!!!”

After criticized poetry last semester, now it is time for drama! J

Participation                                                       10%
Mid Test                                                            20%
Presentation on historical & cultural                    20%
Two academic essay                                          50%

- Download syllabus in UPI’s web
- Late submission more than 2 weeks, will get 0
- Send assignment through the lecturer’s email
- Cannot be late more than 15 minutes

For next week:
Read the text from the lecturer J

Not only drama, I will criticize prose as well J

In-class assignment 15%
3 reader-response posts 60% -> @20%
In-class essay 25%

Short Stories
Farukh Dhondy, “The Mandarin Exam”
- Jan Mark, “It Wasn’t Me”
- Budge Wilson, “My Cousin Clarette”
- “How To Make Friends in Seventh Grade”

Submitted all assignment and reader-response posts to

Chapter report              20%
Presentation (group)      20%
Text analysis (group)     25%
Test                              35%

Paltridge, Brian. Discourse Analysis

You CANNOT be late!

In this course, I will be studying how to write my research proposal and present it in front of class! Sound excited yet nervous :p

Summary writing & explication   10%
Critical review                            25%
Annotated bibliography               25%
Research proposal                      40%

- Mustafa, B. 2008. Teori & Praktik Sastra dalam Penelitian & Pengajaran
- Griffin, G. 2011. Research Methods for English Studies
- Elliot, Simon & W.R., Owens. 1991. A Handbook to Literary Research

Read a lot of journals and books! J

Active participation & attendance 10%
Group presentation                       20%
Mini research                               30%
Final test                                      40%

Levine, Deena R., and Mara B Adelman. 1993. Beyond Language: Cross Cultural Communcation

Looks like this semester I would read and write a lot. Wish me luck :D

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