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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Next Four Days in Seventh Semester

Levels of Reading
1.       Elementary Reading – focusing on what the text says
2.       Inspectional Reading – reading for a specific purpose against time presure
3.       Analytical Reading – reading to analyze
a.       To break a thing down into its componential elements in order to gain a thorough understanding of the whole thing and the interrelation among its component
b.      Questioned the text with tools like literary theories
4.       Syntopical Reading – reading a single topic prom multiple sources for the purpose of creating new knowledge

a.       Decide a topic
b.      Locate, collect and read thoroughly at least 9 sources talking about a topic
c.       Synthesize these multiple sources to create a discussion paper of your own writing

Two groups presented their understanding about drama in Renaissance/Elizabethan era . . .

And Hispanic Theater J

The lecturer invited his friend who expert in marketing field. It was fun J

The first group presented their understanding about Pragmatics and Discourse. It was boring until their showed some funny videos :p

The lecturer changed several things in syllabus, showed how to submit our writing through and explained how to interpret fiction and make literary critical analysis.

Book to read: Narrative (Abbott, 2008)

The lecturer asked some terms that we have learned in previous subject which are related to this course J

The lecturer changed several things in syllabus, showed the class how to create an account in and explained how to search journal according to Boolean J

In this meeting we talked about Visual Methodologies. We were not finished the discussion and wanna continue next week J

By the way, the lecturer showed ‘Good Night, Gorilla’ – Peggy Pathman as the example of picture book. Cute J

The lecturer asked the class to make a group which consist of four to discussion what culture is and analogize it with something J

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