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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Next Four Days in Seventh Semester

The lecturer explained how to write ‘Theoretical Framework’ chapter for our research proposal :)

Some questions that can lead us:
-          What it is?
-          How does it work?
-          Examples?
-          What they are . .
-          Kind of characters
-          How characters are development: theoretical perspective

An example of internet citation:
Musthafa, B (2008) title . available online: current as of date

Write a draft of introduction and theoretical framework for your research proposal :)

The lecturer and the class discussed our understanding of American Drama, The Emperor Jones :)

Write an essay about The Emperor Jones. You can use theory to support your argument or without theory but be critical. Due date Nov, 15 :)

The lecturer invited a guest speaker, Ezca who is really talented to explain how animation works in copywriting :)

The third group explained their understanding about Discourse and Conversation by did an analysis about it :)

Chapter report #4: Discourse and Grammar :)

The lecturer explained about ‘Narrator and Voice’ :)

Narrator the person telling the story

There are three main points of view,
a.       Omniscient
-          Is not a character in the story
-          Knows all
-          Can tell us everything about every characters
b.      First person
-          Is a character in the story
-          Uses first-person pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘Me’
-          Tells us only what he or she experienced
c.       Third person limited
-          Give one character’s thought and reactions
-          Uses third-person pronouns (he, she, they)
-          Tells little about every characters

Tone: the attitude a speaker or writer takes toward a subject, character or audience

Voice: the writer’s distinctive use of language and his/her overall style. Diction (choice of words) helps create voice. 

She also asked the class to practice by write a short paragraph. Mine was not so really good :p

Reader Response #2 about character in ‘We Might As Well All Be Strangers’. Due date Nov 14 :)

The lecturer explained more about Ideology and Children’s Book :)

The lecturer canceled critical review #2 (yeaaayyy) and replaced it with annotated bibliography (woohoooo). Due date Nov, 12 J


We watched ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ together :D

Favorite and funny quote: “I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful”

The fifth group explained the understanding about ‘Relationship: Friends and Acquaintances’ :)

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