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Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Feels Like a Perfect Night

Sunday is the only holiday that I have during this two busy (and eye-hurting) internship months. So I really really use this day to doing whatever I want. Usually I stay in my bed, re-watching several episodes from my favorite TV shows while muching spicy chips or reading novel in a quite atmosphere. But today I decided to do something, went out and enjoy the sun (and rain) :)

Cooked one of Dapur Umami's recipes. Recipe for this month is Pempek Telur Puyuh :9

Clean up my old novels and mangas and donate them. It doesn't mean that I don't like those books. I just need some free spaces to put my new books. It's nice to know that someone would take care of them :)

Went to Rumah Buku and bought two new books. I just can't stand the temptation :p

Watched Wreck-It Raplh with my boyfriend. AWESOME MOVIE! :D

And adoring the newest music video from Taylor Swift, 22. Cute clothes, cute Swift :)

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as well :)

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