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Monday, March 18, 2013

Rollip In The Deep

Do you realise that something is different in my blog? Ouh yeah, the banner and the portrait of me! :D

For past few days, I was so bored with my blog. I wanted to change the design, but I don't really good to do it myself. Then I think of changing my photo to the clear and better one. The problem appears again, I'm not that kind of person that like to take picture of my own face. I decided to use the weird and not-so-clear photo that I already uploaded to the blog :p

Now it was time to edit it. My laptop has a problem and it makes me to deleted some aplications, included IDM, Polaroid and PhotoScape. Ugh, no fun! I had to googled some instant online aplication to edit it. Thank God I found Rollip :) It was quite simple, really simple actually. I just have to upload my photo and choose some filter, border or text that I like. Here is a little example :)

The result was not really good. Maybe it is because I wasn't smiling :p Then I was thinking to edit my banner as well. I had several choices and the winner is the one that hanging on top of this blog.

Fun fun fun :)

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