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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine
Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry, and Dave Franco

Warm Bodies' story starts with a monologue from R, the unusual zombie. He bored, he wants something new, and he wants something warm to color his days. Then he meets Julie, one of the troops' member that planned to attack zombies’ area. Her friends are escaping and some of them killed, even her boyfriend, Perry. R feels something special when he looks at Julie. So he rescues her and brings her to his home.

Julie is wondering about R's behaviour. Because he is not what zombie that her dad always talking about. Then she realizes that zombie can cure themselves, with a help from humans.

Warm Bodies was so funny, sweet yet creepy. It was soooo gooood! I was not regret to waiting the film for a month and watched the film version before I read the novel.

It is funny because R is not usual zombie. He talks, he thinks, and he loves. He realizes that he wants to live like a human being, not as zombie anymore. It is sweet because with all of his differences from common zombies, he can interact with Julie and finds what life and love are. And it is creepy because it is a zombie movie. A zombie movie would not a same without dozen corpses walking, begging for brains, and smearing their mouths with blood. Yuck! The interesting part is the zombies are not only fighting with human, they also compete with Bonies, creatures that thirsty of heartbeat. Aahhh, the movie was beyond my expectation, you should definitely watch it!

Honestly, when I heard that there would be a film of zombie-human love story, I thought that the film would be similar to The Twilight Saga. Why? These are four things that made me thought of that:

Forbidden Love
Zombie + Human is just a different case of Vampire + Human, right?

Look alike actress
Come on, I’m sure at once you have thought that this actress is Kristen Stewart, but wait it’s Teresa Palmer!

Best Seller Adaptation
Warm Bodies even has a comment from Stephanie Meyer on the book’s cover. Hmmm

Summit Entertainment
Yeaaahhh, when Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s enthusiasm is over, Summit has to find something new as powerful as Twilight

But beside four things that I mentioned above, Warm Bodies was so much better that The Twilight Saga. Trust me! I like Twilight, but I love Warm Bodies even more. Because they have Nicholas Hoult (I never know that zombie’s bath would be so sexy) and Teresa Palmer (a sweet sweet girl). They are so much better couple that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, whom has so much gossips and rumors all around them.

At last, I don’t want to spoiler a lot. I just suggested you should Warm Bodies. Because it is not just a story about forbidden love, it’s a zombie-love movie hahahaha. For myself, I would start reading the novel and I hope for more story about R and Julie. Recommended!

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  1. I've been a little dubious about the Zombie romance thing, but it sounds like it's done well and it's certainly an interesting new take on the paranormal romance genre. Definitely going to give this one a try :)


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