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Friday, April 26, 2013

Eighth Semester: Week #12

I was (and still) working on my intership report. I always find the first chapter is the hardest chapter to write, and now I'm trap in it.So, I was looking for some writing inspiration from my senior's internship reports. It's gonna be finish soon, yeah soon enough :))

Just met my second guidance lecturer last Wednesday. He started with some basic rules and also support us to focus and finish this paper together. Then our first task is change our proposal into first chapter (aahhh, why it happens at the same time with internship report?). Formally, my friends and I should meet the first guidance lecturer (my bad!). I still trying to contact him :(

Malam Sabtu Budi

Today, my boyfriend and I went to see Operet Angklung 'Malam Sabtu Budi'. I thought they misunderstood between childrens' song and Sherina's songs. It was fun though :)

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