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Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Feeling Inside

I ship Ryder and Katie errr, Marissa. She is so pretty. Please add her to glee club :D

'Shooting Star' episode just has three songs. That's because the episode focused on the story which was really intense. I knew gun control law in the USA is a serious matter and still in a dicussion. But I never knew the real situation until I watched this episode. Very scary thing :O

Early this day, my boyfriend and I went to my friend's wedding. He came late and got me mad. But after I met my high school friends and eating a lot, the anger gone. But still I have to buy books to cure it and it means that I was broke my own promise! huhuhuhuhuh :'(

Rp. 53.000 - 30% = Rp. 37.100,-

Rp. 49.000 - 30% = Rp. 34.300,-

Happy Sunday :D

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