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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do-It-Yourself : Glitter Flat Shoes

I have several shoes that I loved. Sadly, they are no longer 'wearable'. But I hesitated to trash them. At the same time, I blogwalking to Tara's blog. Looks like she has a solution for my problem, makeover the shoes! I looked for other inspirations from other blogs and Youtube then decided to make my shoes shining with glitter. It was kinda funny, I always wanted to do some 'Do-It-Yourself' thing and here is the great chance :)

What you need:
Old flat shoes
Fabric glue
Paint brushes
News paper

What to do:
- Cover some parts of shoe with tape to avoid glitter, if it necessary. I didn't do it though :p

- Using paint brush, apply glue to your shoe

- Sprinkle the glitter and shake to remove the glitter that doesn't stick

- Do it all over again until your shoe covered completely. Then do it to other shoe

- If you missed some spots, don't hesitate to touch it up

- Let it fully dry in few days before wearing it

- The result :)

The result is very good! My mom even asked me if it's a new shoes. I answered proudly, 'Nope. Just glued it with some glitter'. Feels good to makeover shoes that you loved once and loving it ever more ;)

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  1. Wow! It looks awesome, and yes, looks like a new shoes :D


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