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Friday, July 19, 2013

Campus Life #3

The second guidance meeting with the lecturer and my friends. We talked about the first chapter. He explained three things that we have to write in the first chapter.

- What it is?
- What others had to say?
- The gap you want to fill in

He also asked me to revise my research questions, grammar and also the margins (weird, huh?). Hmm, I still have no idea what to write :p

My friend and I Went to our former internship office to give the reports, certificate and gift for the editor. Then, we and the editor talked for a while about our life lately and some current news. He said that I looked happier than the last time he saw me. Wooow! That was nice :D

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  1. Nyimak aja sambil berusaha ngertiin artinya :)


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