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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mini Reviews: Safe Haven and The Host

Safe Haven
Lasse Hallstrom
Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, Irene Ziegler, Noah Lomax, Mimi Kirkland, David Lyons and Cobie Smulders

A mysterious woman named Katie just arrives and starting over a new life in a small North Carolina of Southport. She seems to avoid any relationship with everybody. Slowly, Katie begins to lower her guard and open her heart to Alex, who runs a general store and has two little kids, Josh and Lexie. She also befriend with Jo, her neighbor. But her past haunts and threaten them. 

Safe Haven was so romantic and I love it. It even has a twist, two twists. Josh Duhamel was so good and funny. Meanwhile, Julianne Hough was average. Only her long bob hair and blue eyes that saved her acting hehehe. FYI, this movie is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel with the same title. If you already read or watched the previous movies that also adapted Sparks’, you will know how the story goes. For a second, this movie looks like a mix of The Notebook and Dear John. I found a similar scene like they went canoeing and then kissing under the heavy rain. But I’m fine with that. In fact, I am looking forward to read the novel :D

Favorite scene: Katie and Alex are dancing in an almost-close diner :)


The Host
Andrew Niccol
Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Emily Browning, Max Irons, Jake Abel and William Hurt

Earth occupied by aliens that use human bodies as the host. They erase the minds of the human hosts, leaving their bodies intact. Melanie Stryder is one of the last surviving humans who fight back. One day, Seeker catches her and implants an alien named Wanderer. But Melanie doesn’t die. She asks Wanderer’s help to find people she cares about most – Jared, her lover, Jamie, her brother and Uncle Jeb and makes them safe. 

The Host was kinda boring. The story actually sounds promising but they cannot deliver it in a right way. What this is about exactly, the aliens or the kissing scenes? Urrgghh. Honestly, I did not finish watching it. I skipped several scenes and I started over several times. But something else always distracted me hahaha. Should I give it another try or just read the novel? ;)

Favorite scene: eerrr, maybe when Emily Browning shows up? She is so beautiful with that kind of ‘eyes‘ :p

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