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Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Reason To Be Calm And Orderly

Jilseojeongyeon hal iyuneun eobseo kamchul su eobneun heungbune hwiparameul buleo
Georileul gadeuk chaeun jeomadaui bit gyesok ieojyeo eodikkkaji galji nado molla

Hwemyeone geollin deut umjikil geu ddae ganglyeolhan mellodi neol bulleo nael geu ddae
Nan machi pari buneun sanaecheoreom neon machi jayuroun aicheoreom
Neon nuguboda hwaryeohage areumdawo 

Everybody everybody every-everybody ne mameul heundeuleo 
Everybody every -everybody 
Everybody everybody every-everybody 
Jamdeul i bameul kkaewo 

There’s no reason to be calm and orderly, blow the whistle of excitement that can’t be hidden 
Each light that fills the street connects and I don’t know until where it goes 

When you move as if you’re hypnotized, when the strong melody calls you out 
I’m like the piper boy and you’re like a free child 
Flashier and more beautiful than anyone else 

Everybody wake up, wake up, shake up your heart 
Everybody every everybody everybody 
Everybody every everybody, awaken this sleeping night 

Despite of their crazy beautiful faces, I really like the song! Ah, K-Pop, you always get me. Happy Sunday :D

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