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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Promise If I Make You Mine

I don’ said it, now what you gon’ do 
Formal introduction 
You got me focused, now it’s time for you to show me something 
You’re like a trophy on my dash 
A diamond that you are 
Love to see you shining like a proper superstar 
Got me asthmatic 
'Cause you’re like a perfect ballerina 
I’m on my Brad Pitt, come and be my future Angelina 
Now you know enough to get it
Baby, if you let me love you, I ain’t never gonna stop 

You’re a banga banga banga banga banga 
I wanna pledge a bet 
Before the night is over 
Girl, I’m gonna make it that 
So, promise if I make you mine 
So, promise if I make you mine 
You ain’t gonna play with that 
Show me where that turnt up at

Happy Sunday :)

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