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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Starts and Ends With You

Saeroun mannameun sirheo waenji mollado 
Yeojeonhi nega manhi miwo ajikdo 
Unmyeong gatdeon mannami 
Ijen nimeseo nami 
Doeeo tteonagasseo ajikdo maemdoneun neoui hyanggi 
We used to be all turnt up 
Urin meoreojyeosseo jeomjeom 
Neon anira haetjiman dugo bwa 
Sarangui yeokjeon Oneuldo oechyeo 
Geujeoncheoreom let’s go 
Apeuro rewind 
Cheoeumeuro x o 

Ajikdo neol itji motago inneun nae moseubi na sirheunde 
Ijeuryeo ijeuryeo haedo geuge andwae everyday 
Neo animyeon an doendago 
Kkeuchiran isseul su eopdago 
 It ain’t over til it’s over 
It ain’t over til it’s over 
It ain’t over til it’s over 

 Neoui sarangi nal mangchyeodo nal apeuge handaedo 
Naegen ojik neo hanappun 
Nae sarangeun neoro sijakhae neoro kkeutna 
I jarie waiting for you 

I don’t want a new meeting for some reason 
I still hate you a lot 
A meeting that was like destiny and now became like strangers 
You left and your scent is still around 
We used to be all turnt up 
We became further apart 
You said it wasn’t true but just wait 
Love’s reversal I shout it today 
Let’s go like how it used to be 
Rewind forward 
XO like the beginning 

 I hate myself for not being able to forget you 
I try to forget but I can’t every day 
It’s gotta be you 
It can’t be the end 

 It ain’t over til it’s over 
It ain’t over til it’s over 
It ain’t over til it’s over 

 Even if your love destroys me and hurts me 
You’re the only one for me 
My love starts and ends with you 
Waiting for you in this spot

Happy Sunday ;D

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