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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let’s Disappear

neon joejeohae na animyeon jilttae neoreul modange 
nae mameureun Go ppeomppeomppeomppeomppeom 
ppeomppeom ppeomppeomppeomppeomppeom 
jeolbyeokgateun neoui mameul yeoreo Uh 

natanan ttaen baramcheoreom sarajil ttaen 
yeongicheoreom neoui nuneul sogigo 
dagagal ttaen kkochipcheoleom pagodeul ttaen 
gasicheoreom ne simjangeul norigo 

(Danger) oneul bame oneul bame 
oneul bame oneul bame 
(Danger) neol humchyeogayo humchyeogayo 

 Stay sonkkeuti neol ttaragan sungan 
sesangeseo neoman bitna 
Stay eodumi da samkyeobeorin bam 
It’s my show time 

(Danger) nawa hamkke nawa hamkke 
nawa hamkke nawa hamkke 
(Danger) sarajyeoyo sarajyeoyo 
(sarajyeoyo sarajyeoyo)

 (Danger) neoneun jeonbu algo isseo 
Oh baby, yeah 
tto nareul umjigyeo jojeunghago isseo 
Oh baby, yeah 

You’re thorough no one can ever match you but me 
I go over the wall bam bam bam bam baram 
bam bam bam bam baram 
open your impregnable heart oh~ 

I appear like wind I disappear like smoke tricking your eyes 
I approach like a petal I burrow like a thorn aiming at your heart 

Danger~ tonight tonight tonight tonight 
Danger~ you I steal steal (steal) 

Stay~ the moment my finger tips follow you only you shine in the world 
Stay~ the night swallowed by darkness it’s my show time 

Danger~ with me with me with me with me 
Danger~ let’s disappear disappear (disappear disappear) 

 Danger~ you know everything (oh baby yeah) 
You are again maneuvering and controlling me (oh baby yeah)

Happy Sunday ;D

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