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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Last Song

Julie Anne Robinson
Miley Cyrus,  Greg Kinnear, Kelly Preston, Liam Hemsworth, Bobby Coleman, Nick Lashaway, Carly Chaikin,  Adam Barnett, Nick Searcy, Melissa Ordway, Carrie Malabre, Rhoda Griffis, Lance E. Nichols, Hallock Beals, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund

Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller and her little brother, Jonah sent by their mother to spend a summer at Georgia with their dad, Steve. Jonah is so excited. He helps Steve creates a restoring stained glass for the local church that recently caught in arson. Meanwhile, Ronnie hates it. She still cannot accept that her dad abandoned her after his divorce. She doesn’t communicate with him, even not read his letters. She also hates the fact that Steve playing a piano while she is around. Because music was always their thing before he was moving out and leaved her in New York.

Ronnie ignores her brother and dad by going to a local festival. She meets Blaze and her boyfriend, Marcus. Marcus is interested with her, which cause a problem to Ronnie’s fresh friendship with Blaze. She also meets Will Blakelee, a mechanic that pro on volleyball and volunteer at a local aquarium. Their path crosses again when Ronnie call an aquarium and asks a help to protect a turtle nest near her dad’s beach house.

The Last Song was . . well, average. Though the story was different than any Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation, it was for teenager, involved a bit of nature and no canoeing scene (thank God), I do not like it. The story was so complicated. Ronnie has problem with every single character about so many things. Sadly she deals with her most important problem, her daddy issue, a little too late. She was too busy chasing Will. It made me disrespect her character. And I questioned her abrupt concern to a turtle nest. She previously lived in New York and spent most of the time playing a piano. So where did that come from?

Beside the too-much story, I also did not like the actors. Actually, Liam Hermsworth and Greg Kinner were fine. I have watched other movies with them with it and I like it. I just did not like Miley Cyrus. I do not know why. I just simply did not like her. Sorry.

My favorite scene: Steve interrupts Ronnie and Will when they spend a night to protect a turtle nest. He adjusts Will’s chair and draws a line between it and Ronnie’s chair.

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