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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rewind My Memories

Nae sigyeneun neul meomchwoseo siganui miro hemaenda 
Eojega machi naeil gatgo 
Saebyeok jinamyeon bamiya 
Sigan geoseulleo ollaga i bami jeomunda 
Hyeonsireun neomu apa gieogeul doegama 

Jogeum eojireoun gieok soge 
(geokkuro heureuneun) 4gyejeoreul jina yeah 
Uril ieojudeon geu jogakdeureul 
Chajanael geoya oh yeah 
Hanado irchi anheul geoya oh 

Now stop and rewind yeoreume meomchwo 
Neowa na haengbokhaetdeon gyejeol mami tteollyeoonda 
Stop and play it neoui mameul dollyeo oh girl 
Kkumgateun i sunganeul nae pume ana 
Naege sarangeul doedollyeojwo it’s time to rewind

My clock is always stopped so I’m wandering in the maze of time 
Yesterday seems like tomorrow and after the dawn comes night 
I go back in time and the night comes to an end 
Reality is too painful so I rewind my memories 

In the slightly dizzy memories 
(Going backwards) Past the four seasons 
I will find the pieces that will connect us 
I won’t lose a single piece 

Now stop and rewind, stop at summer 
The season when you and I were happy, my heart trembles 
Stop and play it, I’ll turn your heart back oh girl 
In this dream-like moment, I’ll hold you in my arms 
Give me back my love, it’s time to rewind 

Happy Sunday ;D

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