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Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 So Far: October

Personal Life Moments
- I faced several application problems on my Android. I had to uninstall, re-install or even deleted some of them. Also, I was fully aware that I cleaned the data. It made me difficult to sign in to BBM because I forgot the password. I think I am gonna make a new one.
- Pikiran Rakyat's office in Soekarno Hatta caught in fire and left with nothing. I did my intership there two years ago. It was very sad to me.
- Sent my edited short story entitled 'Janji Makan Siang' to my favorite magazine. Now, let's wait four months to see what happen.
- I have been working on my final paper again. Something 'scary' happened when I was re-newing the 'SK'. It made me realize I have to finish it soon.
- Moon eclipse on 8th
- Got a free VIP ticket to  Loop Kickfest. But I failed to use it because the crew of the festival was very slow. Also I thought that kinda event was not my thing. So I passed.
- Went to Lengkong Culinary Night with Intan.
- Found two videos about how to wear high heels. One of them is Michelle Phan's. Love it so much and subscribed to her channel.
- Setting up my Youtube account to become a booktuber. Will upload the first video soon ;D
- Indonesia has a new president. Yayyyy
- Started to borrow book at Pittimos Banda. Their collection made me think twice to buy books. Oh, I could not and will not finish Love Bites, one of the two books that I borrowed. I just can't. This is very rare to me.
- Rainy season was finally coming. It made me so happy. It remained me to what happened a year ago. I am really miss that memory.

Books I Read 
- Lima Sekawan: Beraksi Kembali 
- Starters 
- The Notebook 
- Last Notes, vol 1 - 2
- Double Tap 
- Sugar Sugar Rune, vol 5
- The Silkworm - Ulat Sutra 
- S.C.H.O.O.L.: Chemistry
- Belenggu
- Soul Match 
- Literary Criticism
- The Best of Me
- Her Fearful Symmetry
- Truth or Dare

Movies I Watched
- The Notebook 
- The Giver
- Remember When
- The Best of Me

Songs I Listen To 
- Ryan Higa ft Josh Golden - S.W.G
- Red Velvet ft Taeyong - Be Natural 
- Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes
- Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora - Black Widow
- GAC - Seberapa Pantas
- Bethany Mota ft. Mike Tompkins - Need You Right Now 
- Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came to Give it to You
- Girls Generation - Divine
- Crucial Star ft. Lovely - Flat Shoes
- Epik High - Born Hater
- Super Junior - This is Love
- Zhoumi ft Tao EXO - Rewind

Random Pictures 

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My hijab experiment 

Lengkong Culinary Night

Late birthday present from Intan

Recipe of the month, Yoghurt Smoothies 

Bought my first totebag from Octopus Project 

Second book this month was from Divapress 

Bought a lazypod

Got a Blitzcard

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  1. keren mbaa!! mau ikutan bikin kaleidoscope kaya gini boleh?

  2. Dear forma, boleh-boleh aja koq ;D


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