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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Way to Never

O.E. Boroni
259 Pages
Waves Corporation, July 2015

When falling out of love, refuses to become an option…

Nathan Roque first met Lenora Baker, a beautiful, exasperating, and bitter girl when she was just fifteen years old. He fell so deeply in love with her that he suspected that in his lifetime, nothing else could ever mirror the kind of commitment that she drew out of him. But she is left heartbroken when an unfortunate incident drives them apart.

Thirteen years later, he sets out to reach out to her when he can no longer resist the consuming thoughts of her that have haunted him for so long. However, the same demons that caused him to let go of her in the first place are still holding him back. But when he is thrust into a situation where he has no choice but to become professionally involved with her, a Pandora’s Box of angst, resentment, and passion is unleashed.

Now they are forced to make the decision on how to proceed. But will it justify the one that they made in the past, or will it mock it?

Same as the first book, I got an advance reader copy of The Way to Never, from the author’s publicist this time. I was so happy because I never thought I have a chance to read the next story of Nora dan Nathan this soon. Thank you, thank you. Now, let’s review it! :D

"She was happy, she was successful, and she has a man who loved her. What the hell was I doing here?"

In thirteen years, Lenora ‘Nora’ Baker changed from a troubled and bitter girl to a successful business woman, author of best-selling novels, and girlfriend of a handsome artist. Damian Bach unofficially proposes in the night of movie premiere which based on one of her novels. Lenora doesn’t answer it right away because she is afraid her love life is going to ended like her parents’ marriage. And most of all, she still thinking about Nathan. She knows where and what Nathan doing now, but never try to reach him.

Nathan Roque is busy with his career as Broadcast Journalist. He has dated several women, but never forgets the feeling he felt with Nora back in boarding school. Nora is actually the reason why he took job in New York. When his contract is coming to an end, he never calls or asks to a meeting with her. He does not know why he never tries it. His last chance comes when Nora suddenly agree to shoot a documentary that have been offer by his network for a long time. The producer is absent for a family matters, Nathan is chosen to replace him. Nathan does not know that Nora use that documentary in purpose to find a closure and maybe say yes to Damian.

"We’re all selfish, Nathan. It’s what you do because of it that makes all difference. And sometimes, being selfless is just as terrible as being selfish."

The thirteen years gap made The Way to Never is completely different from The Beginning of Never. It made the first book like a prequel that you do not really need but it is nice to know the detail of Nora dan Nathan in the past. I was kinda shocked the story jumped that far. But slowly I enjoyed the story as much as the previous one. The conflict was more intense. This is not about young love anymore; it is about whom you want to be with for the rest of your life.

It was clear that Nora and Nathan were meant to be. I really like how comfortable they around each other. After apart in years, they were no need long time to start mock and joke about anything. And the feeling was still there, stronger than ever. But everything is not that simple. No wonder Nora was so confuse about everything. But I can see that Nora is mature and wise than before. Her career was spectacular and she has a bunch good friends. I wished there are more story that just jumped like that.  Gladly, the story also told from Nathan’s perspective. We could see what really happened in his head, back in boarding school. It was very interesting.

On the other than, the triangle love was not so much. Because Damian kind of ruined it. Like Nathan, he also has a small part to tell the story, but it made him a very bad boyfriend. As his girlfriend faced a serious injury, his presence was nowhere or just showed up in bad time. Ugh, I liked him in the beginning. Then the story of car crash and its impact were too long. I did not understand the most of medical terms. So it made me bored. I have a hard time to follow the story from there. Though the ending was soo gooood. Just cut out like that and now I curious how Nathan take the truth. And the twist of Nathan’s family! Really looking forward to where the story goes.

At last, the time jump made The Way to Never more serious yet romantic story as the first book. I really enjoyed interaction of Nora and Nathan and how they dealt with love between them that cannot denied anymore. Really excited for the last book, The Truth of Never. Recommended! :D

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