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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Next Five Days At Campus

My lecturer explained about model of signs by Saussure. He said that the power point can be found in his blog but I can't figure it out which one :o

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My lecturer finally came to class and explain about the course's syllabus and a little bit of elaboration. The next meeting at the same week (this course has a four credit hours), we start defined what 'theory' is. It is not a theory about something, it is just a plain 'theory'. And what I've got from class is here:

- theory has change the nature of literary studies
- theory is NOT literary theory
- theory is not generally defined; it can be understood through its characteristics
a. speculative and analytical
b. challenges and reorient thinking in the fields other than those to which they apparently belong.
c. criticize common sense/concept taken as natural
d. reflexive (thinking about thinking), enquiry into catagories we use in making sense of things, in literature and in other discursive practices.

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The lecturer of this course came but the syllabus is not finish yet. We start with simple thing about children. We made a 10 things which are associated with children. Here is my list :)

1. Has full imagination
2. The mini version of their parents
3. Crying  a lot
4. Drink milk
5. Play with dolls
6. Cute
7. Put everything he can find to his mouth
8. Sleep all the time
9. Like sweets
10. Imitate what his parents do

It's kinda silly but very fun ;)

This course has many similarity with Literary Theories. The materials, the book, and even the lecturer. The terms sounds strange but challenge me a lot. It's gonna be fun :)

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but just page 42 til 54

The course explained by power point and I don't get it yet. Just gonna share what I have written from it.

- Pragmatics is concerned with the study of meaning as communication by a speaker (or writer) and interpreted by a listener (or reader).
- Pragmatics is the study of contextual meaning
- Pragmatics is the study of how move gets communicated than is said.
- Pragmatics is the study of the expression of relative distance

SPEAKING can be defined as

The interesting part of the course is when the lecturer told the class how the way we speak and the diction we choose explain everything we think, even its inside my mind. Nobody can lies to someone who expert in Pragmatics ;p

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The teaching activities of this course mostly use internet connection. It seems pretty fun. Try it now here

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The lecturer explained a bit of an aesthetics. Gonna share the handout soon :)

We just sat and listened to what the lecturer said. Kinda bored. But thankful he made a new rule of presentation ;)

How about your days? :D

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