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Friday, September 23, 2011

Next Five Days At Campus

This week some of classes are canceled because of some reasons, Conaplin and my personal problem ;p

We talked about two examples of theory. First is Foucault's view on sex. He made something called 'the repressive hypothesis' about sex. Long time ago around 19th century, sex is natural. People already know about it but its unnamed. One day, experts like doctors, novelist, psychologist, clergy,workers and so on brought they thought that made that thing we call 'sex' now and represses it. The moderns have fought to liberate it. Well I not really good reexplain this. Hope you will understand with this picture below.

The second theory is Deridda's view on writing. Fyi, Western philosophy has different angel of 'reality' and 'appearance'. Reality is the thing itself  and appearance is the sign that can explain about the thing. A French philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau follows this tradition. He also writes that 'Language are made to be spoken; writing serves only as a supplement'. In his book, Confession, he explained that he wanted to show a different side of him and if he use his speech, people would not believe or misunderstood him. That's why he called writing as a supplement. Derrisa questioned it and review Confession. In that book, Rousseau told about his love to adolescent who called 'Maman'. He told that he touched, kissed and ate everything that Maman has to be. But he just got the representation of Maman, not Maman herself. Then Derrida made a theory that I can say like this, writing is a supplement to speech and make it clear and not miss interpreted. But speech is supplement already to complete when the writing gets misunderstood. It just spins there, again and again. It connected to Western philosophy about 'reality' and 'appearance'.

Sorry if you got confused. That what happened to me too ;p

Read Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction chapter 2

The lecturer didn't come for some urgent reason. But she gave a home work and will be presented next two weeks. My class have to create a group in three, go to bookstore and publisher and analysis their children books. Sound fun but a bit difficult. I have search some addresses of Bandung publisher.

Adhika Eka Sarana
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur II/109

Agia Media
Jl. Jend. A. Yani 1031

Jl. Yodkali 16

Jl. Geger Kalong Hilir 88

Jl. Tamblong 48-50

Alqa Print
Jl. Balai Desa Cibeusi Rt.01/03, Jatinangor

Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur II/109

Jl. Ters. Ciliwung 1

Jl. Merdeka 6

Jl. Madurasa Utara 10, Cigereleng

Arya Duta
Jl. Revolusi No. 29, Villa Pertiwi, Depok

Bina Budhaya
Jl. Sulaksana Baru VI /11

Bina Siswa
Jl. Padasuka 216

Bina Wiraswasta Insan Indonesia
Jl. Kinanti 7

Citra Aditya Bakti
Jl. Gesan Ulun 17

Citra Karya Utama Press
Jl. Padasuka 216

Citra Kencana
Gg. Abah Muhamad I No. 370/187 B

Citra Penamas
Jl. Galunggung 18

Citra Pindo
Komp. Sukamulya Indah Kav. 3-10, Sukajadi

Jl. Moh. Toha Blk. 317

Dharma Karya Cipta
Jl. Merdeka 6. Lt II

Jl. Moch. Toha 44-46

Jl. Banteng 106

The rest of it, you can find here :D

We just sat and listened to what lecturer said. So happy that it was rainy outside. Then we discuss the way the seminar will be like. They will be three group as 'Penyaji', 'Penyelenggara' and 'Penyanggah'. My class agreed to divided it like this.

Btw, this Sunday I and two friends are gonna go to Cimahi to complete this subject. Wish me luck ;)

The presentation is on! The first group, a combination of 2011 batch, explained about Angklung. It was quite awesome and give me new knowledge about it. Btw, Angklung is not a new thing for me. I have learn and play it when I was in junior high school.

The second group was explain something which is so hot right now. It is a boyband. Their presentation, especially when they lipsync and dance like one was very entertaining. They named themselves Fresh from the Oven. Thanks to let me posted the pic here :)

from left to right
@atta_24, @den_ian, @ArizalRukmana, @icanextweek and @nugrahalit
I will post the video about it as soon as possible. Just wait and see. Then the third group which is my group will be present our understanding about movie next week. So wish us luck :)

UPDATE! Here is the video. Enjoy :D

We talked about the differences between Liaison Interpreting and Conference Interpreting. I learned Liaison last semester. This kind of interpreting is using consecutive modes when the interpreter sit next to the speaker, listen and take some note then interpreted in target language. The interpreters are visible to the audiences. It is different from Conference Interpreting. Because Conference uses a simultaneous mode when the interpreters are in a booth and talk with microphones. He listen to the speaker and interpreted into the target language at the same time. The interpreters also invisible from the audiences.

Although the interpreters are invisible here, code of ethics are still be. There are accuracy, impartiality, code of conduct in conference setting and also be invisible. The interpreters also have to in good stamina, patient, making fast decision, and have a nice voice to make people trust and believe what they interpret.

read Conference Interpreting: principle and practice chapter 8 and 10

Ps. The lecturer made a very good, creative and helpful page for this course. You can visit it by click here.

What about yours? :)


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