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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Full Week at Campus But . .

I was at my campus from Monday until Saturday but only four days of it which are really effective. It was kinda . . ugh, I don’t know, wasting time? But I like when my friend said that the lecturer was not coming or the class was cancel. What a lazy student :p

I woke up late and not coming to the class. What I heard that the class was discussed a Formalism theory. It can be read from A Very Short Introduction: Literary Theory page 122 and Literary Theory: The Basic page 31.

No one was present their project progress. Meanwhile, the class and the lecturer shared (and also complaint) about our department’s service.

WAIT A MINUTE! I just have a photo shoot moment with my classmates. It was really fun fun fun :)

anya, ismy, selvy, puput, ayang, dhyn, sari, putri, rima and iis

I had to arrange a practice of Scene #3 of our ABS’s performance. It was intense a little. By the way, it is 15 days to ABS’s performance. Fighting!

Remainder: DUE DAY of ABS’s paper is THIS THURSDAY which is TOMORROW! Let’s work on it, just like what I wrote here.

The lecturer asked the class to interpret an audio about a Norwegian parent who wants to change her daughter’s double degree program. It was difficult because the audio is quite long and it has a strange accent. But I did it! :D

Days are more hectic and intense for me. Hope I can fight all of them. What about yours? :D

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