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Thursday, December 15, 2011

iNAFFF 2011: Reviews of Mine

Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival (iNAFFF) 2011 in Bandung regional was over a month ago. But I just have a time to write about it now. So sorry. November is always be the hectic month ever for me. When November passed and changed into December, the hecticness is not ever yet. But it kinda slower down than before.

Back to iNAFFF 2011. In this year, I watched two movies. In the first day of festival, what I watched is HAUNTERS.

Director: Kim Min-suk
Writer: Kim Min-suk
Cast: Gang Dong-won, Ko Soo
Genre: Thriller

HAUNTERS is about two different people in two side of life, kind and bad. Gyu-nam is the good man and he can do everything it takes to protect people he care about. On the contrary, HE is the opposite type of Gyu-nam. HE has ability to control people by his eyes. Mostly, he controls people to get money and do anything he likes. What would do if these two people meet and fight for their own believe? That’s where the fun and bloody comedy started.

The movie was bloody awesome! I could not stop to hide my eyes when the bloody scenes coming and laugh out loud when the simple yet super funny jokes exist. Those two actors were amazing. But I hope the movie was tell a bit of Gyu-nam’s past and how he gets his special body which has heal itself quickly. The supporting actors of this movie, who are Turkish and African, made me think that there is also immigrant in Korea. Hmm, it means Korea is a promising land, isn’t it? But unfortunely, the love interest of Gyu-nam has not important part in here. She is just a sweeter and the film would not be too different without her.

Fyi, I watched it alone. I was stress with ABS’s things and need to went away somewhere and forget it for awhile. I planned to watch this movie since I saw it in iNAFFF’s movie list but nobody interested enough to accompany me. So, I rather watch it alone than not at all. It was pretty fun to watch something you afraid of (for me, thriller movie is SCARY) all alone and have a new experience. Thank God the movie was really good. I cannot believe Korea can make a super funny thriller movie like this. Love it and highly recommended for you guys :)

The second day of this festival means SURPRISE MOVIE! But I and my friends were not brave enough to take a risk and we were also out of ticket. By the way, the surprise movie for this year was A Lonely Place to Die. The title is depressing enough. I cannot imagine if I force myself to watch it alone. Iihhhhh

The third day and also the last day, I and @rimamari watched LOFT.

Director: Antoinette Beumer
Writer: Saskia Noort
Cast: Anna Drijver, Fedja van HuĂȘt and Barry Atsma
Genre: Thriller

LOFT is about five married best friends who share a loft for anything they like. They can bring many women as they like but one thing for sure, they do not tell it to their wives. At the beginning, it is fun. It changes into a problem when one of them found a dead body of woman there. No one knows and owns that loft key beside the five of them. It must be intern work of them. They start to interrogation each other to tell the truth. The truth itself is shocking and it is a combination of their private lust and love.

The movie was . . was . . was too awesome! I could not stop guess who the bad guy but my guessing were completely wrong! The movie has a twist after a twist and it still has a twist. Wow! You should watch it yourself to experience what I mean. But I aware you to remember that the movie has a lot of nudity and it is fully seen. Kinda disgusting for me. I cannot handle myself to think how lucky those five guys. Did they enjoy it or not? But those nudity scenes are rational and needed to support the plot of the story. I heard that Hollywood will make a remake of it. Hmm, will the remake as good as this? I doubt that. This movie is completely good enough for me, I just kinda disappointed with the ending.

For these two amazing movies, I gave them 3.5 stars.

I think about next iNAFFF and if I could I would go to Jakarta and experience the festival by watching all movies marathonly like every movie addict does there. See you next year :D

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