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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rain Affair

Clara Canceriana
Soft cover. 342 pages. 13x19 cm.

Dia menyatakan dan aku percaya.
Tapi ketika aku berusaha menemukan kesungguhan matanya,
Dia malah memasang kacamata hitam,
untuk menyembunyikan dusta yang dia simpan disana.
Some people say “It’s like a guilty pleasure.”
I know he is lying to me but I keep wanting him.
I thought, I’ve already felt in love with him.
But the worst part is, I’m lying too.

Lea and Noah is best friend who turns into couple. They have been dating for a year. Lea loves her boyfriend very much, but Noah is not like that. He is so busy and does not have free time to spend with Lea. When they are together, they always fight for something little. Lea knows that Noah loves Rissa, her sister than herself. But Lea keeps Noah beside her although she gets hurt everyday.

Everything changes when Nathan, a Noah’s new co-worker comes. He found that Lea is someone who he met a year ago and he falls in love with. But Lea seems not remember Nathan at all. Nathan tries to always available when Lea has a problem with Noah and delivers his love secretly. Would Lea realize it and move on to Nathan for good?

I finished read it in three days. It is quite slow for my record. I think I should try to take my reading-fast skill back on. Well, just forget it. Let’s go to the book. I made some points to review this novel.

The cover

What a beautiful and sweet cover. Blue and pink make it more beautiful. Moreover I love rain and I get curious when found a novel that write about it as the focus of the story. But the synopsis on the back cover is suck. It is not a good synopsis because I did not get any idea of the story is about. The publisher and the author is better get work on it more carefully.

The story

What a confusing beginning! I understand that the author wants to make the reader curious by putting them into the middle of conflicts of the characters. It worked on me, but not really good. Several chapters at the beginning of the novel seem like that to me. I could not figure out which story in present or past time and I also felt strange to the characters because there is no an introduction of the characters. For example, a main character’s friend named Rendi. My first thought that Rendi is just a co-worker of Lea. But his name still exists until the last page. Then I understand that Rendi is Lea’s bestfriend for loooong time. Cckckck, poor him :o

This is where the insecure, sad feeling and the main conflict come out. I started to enjoy and understand the story. I was kinda wander on it and cried a bit hehehehehe. I think I have to stop here or the story would reveal hehehehehe. Better read by yourself :)

The ending is . . too slow and monoton. The main conflict actually has done in the middle part but the story still goes on. ‘Where is the stop?’, that was my thought when read it and getting bored. When I finished it, I was like . . ‘just like that?’. So disappointed :(

Random Thoughts

- I read many reviews in Goodreads and they said the story of this novel is similar to Korean drama.
- The title ‘Rain Affair’ is fit to Nathan’s side because he is the one who falls in love under the rain :)
- There are so many wrong vocabulary, English words and complicated complex sentences. It makes me wondering about the editor.

Favorite Part!

“Apa bener kalo gue bisa ngeluarin semua perasaan tertekan gue, gue bisa lega? Kenapa disini rasanya masih sakit?” - Lea

Last word . .

Rain Affair has a good plot which is put rain as the focus and characters (Nathan is my favorite!). I was really enjoying it. But it doesn’t end perfectly. Everyone has its cup of coffee anyway :)

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  1. Ini novel pertama yang saya beli kak tapi sayang novel pertama ini malah hilang di kelas.adaha baru baca samai halaman 33,sedih sih,jadi gak tau gimana kelanjutannya.-_-,untung ada reviewnya kakak :D


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