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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Things Tuesday

My courses, classes, study weeks, or whatever it's called, in this semester were done and I have two weeks as my silent weeks before the final exam. Actually, in those two weeks I have to finish several papers and another assignment. But what I'm doing is idling, tweeting, watching Korean dramas and found these three interesting stuff :)

1. I planned to write and send my novel to this competition. The story is about a girl who has habit to fly a balloon with a letter on it. So the title would be ‘Message on the Balloon’. You can read the preview that I already posted here. Wish me luck ;D

2. I was watching a short movie entitled Pr[u]ecious. The movie is about an introvert girl who discovers an anonymous love letter to her. It was brilliant and scared me to death! Watch it here :D

3. Aaaaaaaaand I found a jilbab Paris tutorial. I think I’m gonna try it sometime. You wanna try it too? Just click here :)

How your Tuesday anyway? :)


  1. Eiffel..Eiffel...ada mimpi kesana??? :)
    Today, dizziness because of my thesis @,@

  2. Iyaa, pengen banget ke Paris. Good luck for you thesis. Do it well ;)


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