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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Director & Writer:
Rian Johnson
Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo,  Jeff Daniels and Pierce Gagnon

Time travel is invented in the year 2074 but it is outlawed. It is used by criminal organizations to send those they want to kill in the past where they are killed by Loopers. Joe, a Looper, found the older version of himself sent back in time to kill; it's called as ‘closing the loop’. The young Joe tries to kill the old Joe. But the old Joe has his own mission. He plans to kill the child version of The Rainmaker, the future leader who closing the entire loop. The young Joe tries to stop it because he feels that the old Joe stoles his life. But when he meets Sara and her son, the young Joe starts to protect them and also save the future.

Looper was a great movie! I regret for not watch it sooner. The story about the effect of invented a time machine like Loopers and chaos everywhere was so convincing and also scary. Though I was kinda confusing about the way it works. I thought a lot about it while watching the movie. Then I decided to forget it and just enjoy the movie hehehe. Beside time machine and Loopers, the movie also introduced us to mutant people who called as kinetic. They can make an object flying with their hand. Hmmm, it was interesting but it was too much to understand those new things at once J

Back then, I was just watching Premium Rush and I didn’t think to watch any movie, especially which has a serious theme like Looper, though I love Gordon-Levitt’s acting. Gordon-Levitt looked a little different in this movie. As I read other reviews, the makeup crew makes him as the younger Willis, because they needed it to make the story to be more real and believable. You might not notice it at first sight. But minute by minute, he transformed into someone who has strange eyes. It made me laugh. In my opinion, they were trying too hard and it made Gordon-Levitt weird. Please don’t change him again in another movie L

Beside Gordon-Levitt, I also interested to watch this movie because of Emily Blunt. She is my favorite actress since I watched the Wolfman. She is actually a British woman. But in this role, her accent disappeared and I don’t know how she did it. She sounded good in her American accent. It made me think that I also can learn to speak with an accent, like the British. Don’t you think? J

I found an interesting fact about the production of the movie *you can call it as spoiler and this is the alert!* Joe was learning French because he planned to go to Paris when he finished being a Looper. But later the destination changed to Shanghai, China. The director changed the location because he realized that the crew didn’t have enough money to pay the production in Paris. Then a company from China offered to pay the production and shoot the scenes in China. So the story changed. AND don’t forget to check IMDB for quick information about (at least for me) some disturbing scene. I wondered how the movie was showing at Cinema XXI. Did they cut it or not? Wooohhooooooo :O

At last, although Looper presented several new things that can make me confuse a little, I’m sure you’ll love and enjoy the movie. Because it is not only offered action scene, but also a moral lesson that make me think a lot about life and how it impact other’s. Very recommended J

UPDATE! This timeline made me understand the concept :) *spoiler alert!*

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