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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet Temptation

I bought The Devil in Black Jeans last week. Kinda familiar with the cover? Yeah, this novel was on my Books of the Month list :)

Rp. 55.000 - 25% = Rp. 41.250,-

But that's not the only new book that I got from Togamas Buah Batu and Rumah Buku Supratman :p

     One Last Chance - Stephanie Zen                                         Montase - Windry Ramadhina
     Rp. 45.000 - 25% = Rp. 33.750,-                                        Rp. 49.000 - 15% = Rp. 41.650,-

    Bi! - Fei                                                                             Divergent - Veronica Roth
    Rp. 45.000 - 15% = Rp. 38.250,-                                     Rp. 59.000 - 15% = Rp. 50.150,-

Menunggu - Dahlian & Robin Wijaya
Rp. 46.000 - 15% = Rp. 39.100,-

Later in late afternoon, I bought this. Book shopping calmed my nerves, sometimes :p

Benabook - Benazio Putra
Rp. 65.000 - 15% = Rp. 55.250,-

My boyfriend asked why I become so obsessed buying new books nowadays. I don't know either. Maybe because I want to, I need it, I have a lot of money (hehehehe), or maybe because of this cute book blog that created by Stefanie Sugia, Bookie-Looker! I was envy with the tons of new books that she bought every month and then review it every two days :D

I used to review movies a lot, now I think I want to do the same with books. One day, I found a community for bloggers who love reading, but their rules says that I have to blog books only, something that not related to books is allowed but just one or two posts. I don't wanna do that. I have a lot of thing that I want to blog. So I keep my blog this way :)

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