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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shutting Down

Have you ever visited my other blog named Official Nineteen?

Official Nineteen was a blog that I made as my nineteen birthday gift. I posted my random writing about anything. If you were reading it and didn't understand a thing, that's my purpose. Hide my writing but post it widely as the same time :p

I used Posterous as the flatform for Official Nineteen. Sadly, a month ago I heard news that Posterous shut down their service on April 30 (today!). Then I backed up the posts and manually re-posted it on Begging You To Touch And Go (a blog I made months ago because I was bored). I used manual way because I was confused about the way Blogger imports post from other blog flatform. Anyone can help me? Actually, I don't care how much time I put to backed it up. All I care is my posts were safe and sound. You can continue enjoy my weird writing there :)

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