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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Brass Teapot

Ramma Mosley
Juno Temple, Michael Angarano, Alexis Bledel, Alia Shawkat, Matt Walsh, Lucy Walters and Steve Park

The Brass Teapot follows John and Alice whom living in small-town, married, very much in love but broke. Once voted ‘most likely to succeed,’ Alice struggles to make ends meet while her friends enjoy the good life. Her husband, John, neurotic and riddled with phobias, just wants to get the bills paid. But an accident leads them to a roadside antique shop where Alice is spontaneously drawn to a mysterious brass teapot. It is not long before they realize that this is no ordinary teapot and that perhaps they have found the answer to all of their financial woes.

The Brass Teapot was very funny! Especially, the ways they hurt themselves to get the teapot throws up money. Take a full Brazilian wax, see the dentist, get tattoos and have a violent sexual intercourse. The feeling hurt that affect the teapot is not only physical, they also hurt each other feelings. No pain no gain, literally hahahaha. Angarano and Temple played it so good. Most important, they chemistry as married couple whom support and try to please each other unconditionally, even hurt themselves. Love cannot pays bill or gives meal regularly, but love can give you strength to find a way to solve them. I was wondering if they are dating in real life (I hope!) :D

Those funny moments then make me scary. Why? This is obviously a comedy movie, not horror or thriller, but it scared me, a lot! Because it opens my eyes about future. How if my life ends up like Alice? She could not get a job because her degree was ‘not enough’ while actually she was smart in high school and predicted to be success in no time. Well, she did not admit her failure to anyone. She just wants to protect her face in front of her husband and friends, especially her enemy. All of her insecurity is just like mine. I thought I’m lucky that I watched this movie and realize about this matters sooner. But still I don’t figure it out what to do. Oh God :’(

After made me scared, this funny (and scary for me) movie ends in confusing way. They danced around when they tried to get rid of that teapot. It was exciting at once then becomes boring. Too bad -____-

At last, though The Brass Teapot ‘scared’ and ended confusedly, it was funny. It made me think about future, graduate or married or even get a job is just a new beginning to something which more challenging. I was kind of glad I realized it before too late. Maybe you should too :)

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