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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Body Melts Down

Sum soriga deullyeo yeah 
Momi noga naeryeo yeah 
Gyeondil suga eopseo yeah 
Chameul suga eopseo yeah 

Sumi dara olla yeah 
Jakku ttokbaro nan yeah 
Geot jabeul su eopseo 
I’m loosing control 
Naega waeireoni 
Hully Hully boy 
Neoreul wonhae 

I can hear your breath yeah
My body melts down yeah 
I can’t resist it yeah 
I can’t endure it yeah 

My breath keeps on getting short yeah 
Again I can’t yeah 
Can’t control it 
I’m loosing control 
Why am I like this 
Hurry Hurry Boy 
I want you 

Happy Sunday :D

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