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Friday, February 21, 2014

Vampire Academy

Mark Waters
Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Gabriel Byrne, Dominic Sherwood, Olga Kurylenko, Sarah Hyland, Cameron Monaghan, Sami Gaylie, Ashley Charles, Claire Foy and Joely Richarson

After two years in run, Rose Hathaway and her best friend, Lissa Dragomir are back to St. Vladimir’s Academy which is usually called as Vampire Academy. As Dhampir (half human, half vampire), Rose is trained to protect a Moroi, whom in this case is Lissa, the last of her line, from Strigoi, a devil and immortal vampire. They have a special bound that connect each other sight if Lissa is in danger. They face several threats, bloody writing on the wall and death fox. They think those are from Mia, a mean girl in their class. However, the threat is getting serious day by day. Meanwhile, Rose is secretly falling for her older trainer guardian, Dimitri Belikov.

Although the first wide shot of reminding me of Twilight saga and the explanation about Dhampir-Moroi-Strogoi thing was confusing in the beginning, Vampire Academy was good and surprisingly funny movie. It has cool and tense action scenes that made my heart jumped and sexy and fangirling scenes that made me dying on my seat. I like how they mention pop culture, iPhone 5, hashtag especially Twilight (‘we don’t sparkle’) hahahaha. It also has a super cool ending that may be lead to a sequel. Please, please, make the sequel soon. But they failed to tell the complicated war thing between three kinds of vampires. I did not know why they worried so much about Lissa and the aim of silly threats until the villain is reveal. I think I should read the books. I want to see (and read) more about Rosa and Dimitri! My favorite scene? Dimitri saves Rosa from a newbie Strigoi and calling her ‘my Roza’ XD

Beside the story, I was irritated by few details. I was uncomfortable to see how Rosa’s chest dominated several scenes. Trust me, they are good but you know, it is just too much. And the boys, oh my gosh, they have a Edward Cullen look! Pale face and perfect brown hair. I doubt its written in books.

As the first 2014 movie that I watched, Vampire Academy is a great choice. It opens a new way to enjoy vampire stories. Just hope no more triangle love in the sequel :)

Fun Facts:
I bought the ticket minutes before the movie rolled. Instead of ‘Vampire Academy’, I said ‘Vampire Diaries’. I think the woman in the locket was smiling a bit XD

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