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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ready for Round 2

Ani michingeo aniya geumyoil bami doenikka 
Yeoldusi ga doedo na jam mot jagesseo da nal boreunikka 
Ani michingeo aniya bamiya bami aniya 
Gilgeori buteo keuleobe sesange modu yeojadeuriya 

Kkeullineun neoui hyanggie neoui momjise 
Geureon nunbiche na micheoboryeo 
Kwitgaye soksagyeojwo neoui moksorie 
Sumsorineun geochireojyeoga ha ha~ 

 Michingeo aniya, oneul bam 
Michiryeogo jakjeonghan nomdeuriya 
Onuelman michidorok dallijan mariya~ 
Michingeo aniya~ 

Go crazy, now that it’s Friday night, 
Can’t sleep til 12, everyone’s calling me 
Go crazy, is it night or what? 
The streets and in clubs are full of girls 

Your attractive scent, your moves, 
Your eyes drive me crazy in my ear 
Whisper in my ear, 
Your voice takes my breath away ha ha~ 

Go crazy, Tonight 
We are determined to go nuts 
Just for one night, go all out 
Go crazy~ 

Happy Sunday ;D

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