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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Farther You Got, I Thought of You More

(Hello) manhi bakkwieonne jjarbajin heeoseutaildo 
(Hello) jiteun hwajangdo ttansaram gateunde 
(Hello) ije ara naran saram negen uimieopdangeol neukkyeo neukkyeo 

kkameokgetji mwo dareun yeoja mannamyeon dwae 
uimi eobsi tto dareun namja manna ppeonhagetji 
japji motage ye dwido dorabojima no way yeah 

nan geureoke joheun sarami anya 
neomu eoryeopge saenggakhajineun mara no 
chakhan cheok doo doo roo doo doo roo 
urin wollae geureon sarang don’t say yeah 

neol saranghangeol jiwo (jiwo) you 
ni jeonhwabeonho jiwo (jiwo) moreuge 
urin andwae no no wollae geureon sai yeah 

(Good bye) maebeon gateun mal jigeutjigeutae babe 
(Good bye) urin galsurok gabyeowojyeotjanha 
(Good bye) ije ara naran saram deo uimieopdangeol neukkyeo 

(Hello) You changed a lot, your shorter hair 
(Hello) Your thick makeup, you’re like someone else 
(Hello) I know that I mean nothing 
To you now, I feel it 

You’ll forget me, whatever, I’ll just meet another girl 
I’ll just meaninglessly meet another guy, it’ll be typical 
Don’t look back so I can’t hold onto you, no way yeah 

I’m not that great of a person 
Don’t think too hard, no 
Don’t pretend to be nice 
We always had that kind of love, don’t say yeah 

I’ll erase my love for you (erase) you 
I’ll erase your number (erase) secretly 
We can’t ever be, no no, 
That’s how we always were, yeah 

 (Good bye) I’m sick of the same words every time, babe 
(Good bye) We got more and more careless 
(Good bye) I know that I mean nothing 
To you now, I feel it

Happy Sunday ;D

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