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Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I said before that whatever is happen I still want to watch this movie in 3D version. But after read a review from another blogger, I confused. I've talk about it with my friends in Literature class and we choose not in 3D version. Because of it, we, in fact all student, got tasks to write essay about the poetry which talked about. We too excited :P

something wrong with my mobile phone's camera

Read the synopsis and watch the trailer here

If talk about the story, it is a simple story and the ending is predictable. If talk about the visualization of Wonderland, woooow! I love Alice's dresses. But I wonder about her blue dress after she shrinking. Where it came from? And also the Drink Me bottle and the Eat Me cake. My friend said that she is in Wonderland so everything can happen. His answer unsatisfactory me.

I would not understand it if watch in 3D version. the British accent everywhere but it makes me and my friend speak like that that American. My favorite character is The Cheshire Cat. Cute, cute, miaw! And another is Johnny Deep as Mad Hatter. Perhaps because he speak like my Speaking lecturer. Hahaha.

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