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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bahwa Cinta Itu Ada

Free time, enough money and alone. The best time to watch a movie. I choose this movie and hope that this movie is better than another Indonesia movies which are full of horror and sexuality. I waited this from the beginning of 2010 and really love the song.

Read the synopsis and watch the trailer here

The movie is confusing. In the beginning, I love the opening scene which is like Wayang show, introducing the characters as a new student in ITB, campus life and of course love story. But after one by one graduated, the story seperated follow their next life and that is the thing that make it confusing.

I read before that Ariyo Wahab as Slamet is the main character. Though the book doesn't tells that. But personal conflict Slamet no explain clearly. And unfortunately, Restu Sinaga as , I forget, don't get scene to explain his life. Maybe it because this movie cut from three hours became 90 minutes only. A lots of part are missing and make the story uncompleted. I certain that the book is good and I have to read it later.

The time, the clothes, and the make up also I want to commented. But I too disappointed to explain it.


  1. Ngomong apa sih? Stick to Bahasa Indonesia, please.

  2. kenapa ya, Indonesia jarang total bikin film..
    dan selalu bukunya yang seru,, :)
    Thx buat referensinya, kurang tertarik nonton film itu meskipun pemainnya gak begitu mengecewakan..

  3. review-nya ada subtitle Indonesianya, engga?..he..he..


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