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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mr. Grey Will See You, Again

The official trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey just released yesterday! I was so excited. Yet it was so difficult for me to watch the trailer. The WiFi at my place was off for unspecific reason, maybe because of rain or I don't know. Then I forced myself to watch it on my phone. It buffered all the time. I had to repeat the trailer, again and again, every second of it. But not getting bored at all!  And I am not took any screen shoot from this trailer, not like I did to the teaser trailer here. I think I am just too lazy to do that ;p Here's the trailer ;D

The trailer shows several new scenes like Ana and Christian's routine in the morning, what happen before and after the interview, a longer explanation about Christian's taste of pleasure, a contract and more of sexy time in 'The Red Room of Pain'. My favorite scene is when Ana and Christian parted in the elevator and greet each other. Too bad I can't see Christian's face. Meanwhile, I laughed at the scene when Ana and Christian are dancing. According to the dress that Ana wears, they must be at Christian's parents house and have a dinner. In the book, Ana went there pantiesless. So, how can she so confident doing that spinning? ;p

Still, I was satisfied with the trailer. It left me breathless and literally, haunted me. Can't wait to watch the movie next year ;D

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